Mastering Online Analogico | L'Importanza del Mastering

Mastering is the term commonly used to describe the process of getting a Mix ready for public distribution.

There are many things to keep in mind regarding this process: the record's sound has to be homogeneous, there has to be consistency across the record and it has to be ready for distribution.

Did you ever wonder why people don't listen to your records until the end?

The market is saturated with records and musical projects, but in the end the successful products are few and far between. This is the case because, promotion aside, what really drives the audience (or critical mass) in is a track or a record that carries you on a different dimension, thanks to its depth and quality.

We often think it's all about the content, but good content doesn't get taken into consideration by the average listener unless it's paired with Flawless Sound.

Our Online Mastering service guarantees a moving and captivating listening experience.

How do I get the Sound I hear on Successful Records?

When you're producing your music you can make a difference since the early stages of composition, arrangement and tracking. You should always ask yourself if what you've composed so far is working as a whole: if there's a lot of elements in your arrangement, try introducing each one in a different section of the track (instead of throwing them in all at once), so that the audience has a chance to take note of every element. Take a minimal approach in the beginning of the track and then gradually add some new element as the track go on. Once you're satisfied with the result and you want to record it, try to get a sound you're satisfied with without using any effect.

With our ten years of experience we can guarantee an Online Mastering service with a sound just like the ones of successful records.

I recorded my track, I like the tracking but I can't get the Mix right.

Mixing is undoubtedly a creative work, but without the right tools it can turn an amazing track into something unbearable to listen to. For instance, if the room you're mixing in has a defect in the frequency range, you're gonna change incorrectly those frequencies on every element of your mix. This problem repeated on all your tracks will result in an unpleasant mix for whoever is going to listen to it outside of your room: remember that every person in the audience disappointed in your Sound is a lost Fan. This is to say that saving a Mix with a lot of issues with a good Mastering is almost impossible. This is why we want you to be honest with yourself: if you're dissatisfied with your Mix, we encorauge you to improve your Room, your Monitor and your overall skills, or to try our Online Mix service.

Our team of sound engineers will help you improve your Mix before moving on to the Online Mastering.

I like my Mix and I would like to try your Online Mastering service. What should I expect compared to the other services available on the Web?

If you ended up on our Website is probably because you're disappointed in the results from the instantaneous and algorithmic services that are cheapening the art of Mastering. Contrary to popular belief, Mastering is a creative job that - aside from giving power, warmth and homogeneity to your record - has to be tailored to what you want to convey and to your specific Target audience.

There isn't a golden rule appliable to a Mastering to have it suit every genre. Ours is not just a technical job, but a communicative too: a job that's gonna facilitate the way you're gonna connect with your audience.

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